Morris...the Downside-Up Bat

In an attempt to fool an owl, Morris,  an adorable little bat, turns himself downside-up and hangs by his hands instead of his toes. He soon discovers that by hanging this way he can catch more tasty flying snacks, see further, and most importantly, watch those wonderful TV music programs outside people's windows. Morris realizes he too can sing, reinvents himself and launches a singing career. But the other bats disapprove of his hanging ways, and bat bullies try to block him. None of this stops Morris who believes in himself, isn't afraid of bullies and dreams only of becoming "Morris the Magnificent Singer".

Morris...the Downside-Up Bat is  a fun story exemplifying being different, believing in oneself and handling bullies.

a 32 page picture book  for ages 4 through 8  and anyone who enjoys a precious little book.

published 2013 by Sky Pony Press


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